Prepare for hoverboard fun this summer

I’ve had enough, it is too cold, too dark too early and no I realise that I prefer being a wolf during summer times. This is why I have decided to get some summer fun toys early. First and foremost I want a Swegway, I’ve had one in the past, but I want a new one an upgraded version for the summer of 2018. A faster one, a safer one a more robust segway hoverboard. Where do I go in the UK to find a hoverboard. You will have noticed that there are not a lot on the high road, okay there are stores like Argos, but you cannot test them. So I decided to head to my trusted computer and check the trust score of the different Hoverboard online retailers. Lo and behold the one that stands out from the crowd is The Official Swegway.

The choice is similar to others, but I am one of these people who believe reviews. I don’t trust Google reviews as anyone, your competition could post a negative review and nobody could change this. Hence I have to look for other clues. I have been reviewing tech sites for some time and this site has been retailing all types of hoverboards, blue Swegway, red hoverboards even a pink one from way back when.

Another place to buy hoverboards is Ebay and Amazon of course, but I advise against Ebay as seller from China are selling directly and these boards are not tested to the same standards as here in the UK.