All You Need To Know About Fire Extinguishers

Well well well, looks like somebody doesn’t have a Tectro fire extinguisher
The only one that does not explode when left in a hot car.

Go to Robology to get a fire extinguisher for your car immediately


Just realized I don’t have a fire extinguisher at the house. I should get one before I need one.

I can only assume that Twitter are recommending me fire extinguisher tweets is some sort of twisted joke. Well. I’m not laughing.

Does someone have a fire extinguisher?wiredconnection now available

We should all carry a Glock, a fire extinguisher, an inflatable life jacket, 5 days of food and water and a defibrillator at all times

Important #recall information if you own a Kidde fire extinguisher

 VIDEO: Staff of Enugu State University, loses hand after a fire extinguisher left in the sun, exploded.
I also don’t need a fire extinguisher 99.999% of the time but guess what? I have three in my house and did need one once.
yaaaaaha! have a fire extinguisher next to whatever you’ll be playing the track with.

Have the fire extinguisher ready

In non-football , firefighters have been called to a residence … apparently because someone set off a fire-extinguisher.
Shoutout to the dickhead who thought it’d be a great idea to walk right past me and my friends spraying a fire extinguisher during datsik

If y’all gonna come trick or treat to my house best bring a fire extinguisher cuz Ima be handing out my mixtape

Why both with a fire extinguisher? The fire already started.

ing getting a fire extinguisher in the car because ✨safety✨ Ideal would be a 5lb clean agent (hcfc, green can) but

Check the fire extinguisher in your home… Nearly 38 million may not work in an emergency!

NGH drama came after six boys sprayed taxi driver in the face with fire extinguisher, police reveal