Biodegradable Fire Extinguishers

Two of the most important political topics over the next few decades will be ‘the environment’ and ‘biotechnology’. The EuroFeu biodegradable fire extinguishers that are available from FireDefender are offering advanced biotechnology combined with an environmentally friendly fire extinguishing medium that has not yet received the attention it deserves. The liquid used in the EuroFeu fire extinguishers is called Bioversal.

BIOVERSAL-products can extinguish three-dimensional fires by using a biotechnological  technology (encapsulation). This adds value to safety, speed, cooling and the use of less water and extinguishing agent consumption. This is relevant when comparing the EuroFeu fire extinguishers with normal toxic extinguishers.

The most important point is that, in addition to the fire extinguishing effect, Bioversal products also clean excellently (roads and waterways) after accidents where fire was involved or where mineral oil is leaking. BIOVERSAL® has the worldwide unique property of rapid biodegrading (accelerated bioremediation and more) contamination caused by mineral oil residues.

Conventional fire-fighting foams, even if they are described as environmental friendly, have in eco-toxicological terms exactly the opposite effect .  An environmentally friendly fire extinguisher works like this

Let’s use a logical example: Soap is antibacterial but we need the existing world of bacteria for bioremediation. Synthetic-based products reduce the “free working helpers” and delays the natural workings of nature. BIOVERSAL is using the effect during application. This is why these are biodegradable fire extinguishers; during application the bio-remediation or healing process starts.

Using EuroFeu /  Bioversal biotechnology possesses a lot of economic and ecological advantages. BIOVERSAL is a real help for a better environment.