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Information about Fat/Grease Fire Extinguisher F-Exx 8.0 F

This large fire extinguisher is designed for medium sized fat/grease fires and small solid substance fires. It is suitable for use by fire categories A and F. The performance ratings are as follows: 5A and 40F. Thanks to its small size, the extinguisher is the perfect adjunct for camping, trekking or at home barbecues. It is designed to be stored by temperatures as low as -20 °C. All fire extinguishers from the F-Exx series are small in size and therefore easy to handle. The grease extinguisher can be used at any 360 ° angle independent of the position. Minimum 5 years maintenance-free.

Areas of use
– In the home
– Leisure & Camping
– Office
– Kitchen & Restaurant
– Electronic devices up to 1,000 V
– Fire classes: A, B and F
– Performance ratings: 5A, 40F
– Contents: 800 ml
– Height: 36 cm
– Spraying range: approx. 4.5 m
– spraying time: approx. 15 sec.
– Weight: 1.75 kg
– Delivery: fire extinguisher, wall holder, mounting set