Best Electric Folding Adult Scooter 2017

Updated 02/05/2017

Best electric folding adult scooter 2017

Razor dominates the market when it comes to electric kick scooters.
But they only dominate the childrens kick scooter market.

Every morning when I look out the window I see parents on kick scooters who are dropping their children off to school.
Parents prefer to ride any variation of the Oxelo scooters. Stunt scooters or not.
It is only natural that I want a scooter for the summer of 2017.
I want my scooter to be a hybrid scooter. I want it to be electric, but it can also be used to ride normally.

The reason I don’t like the series of Razor scooters is that they just don’t look stylish enough.
Honestly, they look a little cheap.
I have had my eyes on these slim line electric carbon fibre scooters, where the battery is in the handle, for a long time.

The best electric commuter adult scooter

The only place to get an electric kick adult scooter is on Hoverboard-UK.
Recently I was able to ride an electric commuter scooter for adults and I loved it.
The spring board of one of these carbon fibre boards is longer than a skateboard and works in the same way. It doubles as suspension.
All the bounce is in the platform. I didn’t notice any bumps although the wheels are only 5″ in diameter.

I finally found a couple of websites in the UK. The website is called Robology. What a cool name. And the other one selling an adult scooter is Hoverboard-UK.
I imagine that they will be around for a while as they are also wholesaling.
Anyway the company sells these kick scooters at a very affordable price of £349. It gets delivered within a reasonable two to three days, instead of waiting three weeks for a delivery from China.

The best electric folding adult scooter 2017

… in my opinion

Best folding kick scooter 2017
Best folding kick scooter 2017

I am surely not the only person in the UK who urgently wants one of these electric commuter scooters.
The problem is as always the legality of riding an electric commuter adult scooter without a helmet on the roads of Great Britain. It should be permitted, the laws on electric small vehicles are archaic.
The little loophole which I will use to ride an electric kick scooter, is  the fact that it actually looks like a normal scooter. The handle bar which contains the 18650 battery is slim line and therefore conceals the power of the Kickster.
In addition the manual push-off action to kick off the vehicle makes this electric folding scooter a different beast. The regulation and law surrounding the legality of riding it becomes greyish. This makes it possible that people can actually ride the scooter in GB.

The concern around the best electric folding scooter 2017 for adults (in my opinion) is the same as with hoverboards. Are the lithium – ion batteries safe? Do they carry the right kind of certifications? If so great, otherwise they can blow up as the first hoverboards did.

The best electric commuter scooter 2017 for adults

I know that 2017 is the year for electric folding bikes. Companies like Amazon, Argos and the likes won’t stock them unless the importers take responsibility for the lithium-ion batteries.

Head over to  or Hoverboard-UK and get an electric stunt  electric adult scooter there. It is not only great for the last mile, but also to cruise around your town, city or village on a beautiful day. Overtake all the cars which sit in traffic jams. If there is a bit of a squeeze on the road, simply jump onto the pavement.
Why is Sidique Khan, the mayor of London, who is an asthmatic not strongly pushing the use of all type of electric folding scooters? I want him to be the champion of electric folding adult scooters.