Best fire extinguisher in the UK 2021

Update 2018
The best fire extinguisher because

1. hold it sideways or upside down so that fires underneath objects such as car seats can be extinguished.
2. the extinguishing liquid does not  re-ignite, as most other fire extinguishers do.
3. it they worked on kitchen fires, paper and also electric fires
4. it is  bio degradable and could be chucked in the bin
5. it does not use toxic aerosol to push out the extinguishing liquid
6. it is so light weight even kids could handle them?

New in the UK and only available from

Best fire extinguisher in the UK
Best portable fire extinguisher in the UK

There are cheap models of fire extinguishers at Amazon

But none will beat the efficiency of the best fire extinguishers available from here