UMATI gegen Rückenschmerzen

UMATI Massage Instrument

Leidest du an Rückenschmerzen, Knieschmerzen oder an Kopfschmerzen?

Das ideale Produkt zur Selbsthilfe oder Partnerhilfe gegen alle Arten von Muskel oder Gelenkschmerzen ist das UMATI
Eine neue Art der Massage welches Tibetische / Chinesische / Ayurvedische Medizin mit westlicher Anatomie verknüpft ist endlich auch online erhältlich.

Die UMATI Behandlung ist eine Klopfmassage die über 100 Kupfer und Stahlstäbe des UMATI derart in Schwingungen versetzt dass diese tief im Körper gefühlt werden. Von der Hautopverfläche vorbei an Faszien, Muskeln, Organen bis in die Knochen verbreiten diese Tiefenschwingungen Entspannung im ganzen Körper.

Behandlungen mit UMATI stärken das Körperbewusstsein. Es fühlt sich an als ob du deinen Körper völlig fühlst wie nach dem Schwimmen in der See. Dies stärkt das Immunsystem.


Die Schwierigkeit ordentlich vom Deutschen ins Englische zu übersetzen.

Endlich eine Übersetzerinnenkollektiv dass sich nur auf Kunst und Kultur einschiesst. Gehen Sie zu WowTEXT wenn sie dringend eine Übersetzung für ihre Kulturveranstaltung, Organisation oder ihre Pressemitteilung international vorstellen wollen, Die Qualität ist hervorragend. Hinter den Kulissen arbeiten Frauen die nicht nur im Bereich Übersetzung mitgeholfen haben, Geschäfte millionenschwer werden zu lassen.

Brauchen Sie einen regelmässigen Besucherstrom der auch mal aus dem Ausland kommen kann. Möchten Sie auf einem höheren internationalen Niveau mitspielen? Möchten Sie mit internationalen Kunst und Kulturhäusern mithalten? Möchten Sie ihre Texte transkreiert oder nur Korrektur gelesen haben? WowTEXT übersetzt Deutsche Texte ins Englische.

Denken Sie an Worte wie ‘Bling’ oder ‘Chav’ als Beispiele von umgangssprachlichen Begriffen die ihren Weg in die Sprachkultur gefunden haben. Interessanterweise sind diese beiden Begriffe nicht mehr so weit verbreitet wie in den 90er Jahren, Während in Deutschland Worte die in den 80er Jahren mit Jugend assoziiert wurde immer noch gerne von jungen Menschen verwendet werden, scheint es in Grossbritannien ein grundsätzliches Prinzips zu sein bloss nicht dieselben Wortgestaltungen zu verwenden wenn man ein bestimmtes Alter noch nicht erreicht hat. Wir, die am Liebsten im Bereich Kunst und Kultur Deutsch Englsiche Texte übersetzn, müssen daher kolloquial auf dem Laufenden sein.

Das grösste Problem dem wir hier bei Wowtext entgegensehen sind Deutsche die ein oder zwei Jahre in England oder der USA gelebt haben und nun glauben dass sie übersetzen können. Endlich ein Service der sich auf deutsch englisch text übersetzung spezialisiert. Seit 2018 sind wir dabei. übersetzer deutsch englischer texte.

Wolf myths – between fear and fascination

Wolf myths – between fear and fascination

wolf silhouette illustration
wolf silhouette illustration

With the return of the wolf from Eastern Europe to Germany, where it was more or less extinct for more than 100 years, fear returned in equal measures. Farmers worry about their livestock, residents in rural areas for their lives, or that their children. And while there have been incidents of farm animals being killed by wolves, humans have not been attacked by wolves in Europe.

So why do we fear wolves?

Well, they are predators, hunt in packs and not to show a healthy respect for an animal that can take down a wild boar would be stupid. Still, there is no need for irrational angst, because we are simply not an item on their menu. A healthy wolf is a shy, smart animal that doesn’t fancy human flesh.

Little red riding hood has a lot to answer for

Historically, the wolf has been portrait as a vicious, murderous animal, cunningly eating grandmothers and aiming for little girls. Folks seem to have forgotten that little red riding hood outsmarted the wolf.

Family of white wolves copyright Jacqueline Abromeit 2017
Family of white wolves photo by Jacqueline Abromeit 2017

A symbol for individualism, freedom and beauty among other things

The lone wolf has widely been used as a symbol for many things: strength, beauty, freedom, individuality, stealth, aggression and all with an air of mystery. In reality, the wolf is mainly a family animal, living in packs with a strong hierarchical order. It is also rather shy, primarily hunting at night, which only adds to its mystery. Wolf images are used commercially selling everything from literature (the wolf is a popular book cover design), fashion, music, leather goods and jewellery. It is easily associated with the outdoors, travel and anything that wants to convey independence.

Book cover design for self-publishing authors

Don’t judge a book by its cover

True, I think. You really cannot tell if a book is well written or if you will enjoy reading it by looking at its cover.

Still, we need a book cover to communicate with us. At the very least it should clearly inform us of the book’s title, author, and genre, (no thriller fan will want to pick up a book with a moody, darkish landscape only to find out it is a gardening book) and of course, like all packaging, it should help to sell its contents by appealing to its targeted audience. So in short: We all judge a book by its cover!

What makes a good cover design?

Keeping it vague, leaving the reader to use their imagination, while giving away a little of the story is, in my view, the key to a successful book cover.

In the past, I met a lot of authors who wanted the entire story featured on their cover, but first that is not really achievable – unless it is a book where hardly anything happens, and secondly, why would anyone read something where most of the story is already known?

The very best book covers are the ones that make you curious. Intrigued enough to either click or pick it up to read the blurb. Or they could be just very pretty to look at…

Pretty illustation with sparrow on a fence overlooking a river Pretty illustration with sparrow on a fence overlooking a river[/caption]

Think big!

Big text that is. In today’s market, the first encounter with a book cover is very likely to be via smartphone, tablet or laptop. Which means thumbnails – those little images on Amazon and other online bookshops. And if you can’t read the title, how interested can you be? A legible title on all devices is a must when it comes to book jacket design. An experienced book cover designer knows this and will be able to help you.

How much does a book cover design cost?

How long is a piece of string? Last time I looked, Amazon’s Createspace design service charge around 400 dollars. You can also get a pre-made book cover for as little as 30 dollars. But they are mostly made up from cheap stock photography, which doesn’t necessarily mean they are all bad and you might be lucky and find something suitable. I advise hiring a freelance book cover designer who will create a bespoke design that fits your book and your book only.

Premade book cover design

pre-made dragon eye book coverSome more thoughts about pre-made covers seeing that they are becoming more and more popular among self-publishing authors. They’ve written a cheap book (by that I mean they haven’t paid an editor to take a good look), sell it cheaply and naturally stick a cheap pre-made cover on top of it, so to speak. To be honest, I don’t mind, I can spot those from a mile and it helps me in selecting (or not selecting for that matter) my books.

Don’t get me wrong, I welcome that publishing has become a big market for everyone, rather than an elitist club for just a few. We can’t all be Shakespeare, Jane Austen or Louise Doughty – I love her writing, but I digress… Coming back to of the shelf book covers:  I am designing pre-mades myself. I just don’t sell them cheaply. Of course, less pricey than a bespoke cover, but I don’t even try to compete on price in the bargain basement of book cover design. Sometimes you might get lucky by scoring great artwork for very little but most of the time you get what you paid for!

Professional book cover design for the self-publishing author

Book cover design prices range from around 100 pounds for a simple ebook cover to 350 pounds for a bespoke book cover design with carefully designed artwork from handcrafted illustrations and/or photos.

Give you book a head start with an eye-catching cover design that looks professional, gets noticed and ultimately helps to sell your book.

Good cover design logo

Best fire extinguisher in the UK 2021

Update 2018
The best fire extinguisher because

1. hold it sideways or upside down so that fires underneath objects such as car seats can be extinguished.
2. the extinguishing liquid does not  re-ignite, as most other fire extinguishers do.
3. it they worked on kitchen fires, paper and also electric fires
4. it is  bio degradable and could be chucked in the bin
5. it does not use toxic aerosol to push out the extinguishing liquid
6. it is so light weight even kids could handle them?

New in the UK and only available from

Best fire extinguisher in the UK
Best portable fire extinguisher in the UK

There are cheap models of fire extinguishers at Amazon

But none will beat the efficiency of the best fire extinguishers available from here 

All You Need To Know About Fire Extinguishers

Light fire extinguisher

best light fire extinguisher 2018

what is the best light fire extinguisher? Go to FireDefender
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top rated fire extinguisher ? See above
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Information about Fat/Grease Fire Extinguisher F-Exx 8.0 F

This large fire extinguisher is designed for medium sized fat/grease fires and small solid substance fires. It is suitable for use by fire categories A and F. The performance ratings are as follows: 5A and 40F. Thanks to its small size, the extinguisher is the perfect adjunct for camping, trekking or at home barbecues. It is designed to be stored by temperatures as low as -20 °C. All fire extinguishers from the F-Exx series are small in size and therefore easy to handle. The grease extinguisher can be used at any 360 ° angle independent of the position. Minimum 5 years maintenance-free.

Areas of use
– In the home
– Leisure & Camping
– Office
– Kitchen & Restaurant
– Electronic devices up to 1,000 V
– Fire classes: A, B and F
– Performance ratings: 5A, 40F
– Contents: 800 ml
– Height: 36 cm
– Spraying range: approx. 4.5 m
– spraying time: approx. 15 sec.
– Weight: 1.75 kg
– Delivery: fire extinguisher, wall holder, mounting set